12/2/14: Common Council Meeting Allocation of $25k for Council Representation

3:21 – 10:50      “We are not an Involved Agency”.  Against the $25,000 allocation.
Andrew Champ-Doren, Kingston, NY

11:03 – 16:03       DPW Budget
Michael Schupp, DPW      Kingston, NY

16:14 – 19:33    Police Department Budget
Chief Tinti, Kingston, NY

19:40 – 23:39        Parks & Recreation
Kevin Gilfeather, Kingston NY

23:50 –  25:51         “The Mayor is my hero.”
Ellen DiFalco    COK’s Mayor Office Administrative Assistant

25:58 –  27:40        Against the $25,000 allocation
Rev. Arthur Cost, Kingston NY

27:49 – 30:43
Doris Edwards, Kingston NY

30:55 –  33:03     “Where there is a balance of power the cost of government goes down.”
Jennifer Schwartz Berky, Kingston NY

33:20 – 39:17    Miscellaneous
James Richter

39:35 – 44:18      Pilgram Pipeline concern
Elizabeth Broad, Kingston NY

44:30 – 45:52      Against $25,000 allocation
Donald Julliard, Kingston NY

46:01 – 46:55
Phillip Guerrieri


#227 Resolution
Allocation of additional funds to hire a lawyer.

27:20 – 54:41
Common Council members debate. The resolution is defeated 5 – 4.


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