1/29/19: Commissions & Boards, OurCitizens.org and Kingstonian.


By Rebecca Martin

For the last three weeks, I’ve been given a 30 minute segment called KingstonCitizens.org radio on Jimmy Buff’s “Jimmy Buff Loves You” radio program featured on Radio Kingston.   Since I’m sharing so much information, I thought it would be helpful to the listener to make a post that accompanies our broadcast with all of the important information provided for easy access.

LISTEN and follow along below. 

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City of Kingston Boards and Commissions

VIEW the City of Kingston Boards and Commissions webpage to learn about the city’s diverse boards and commissions available for citizens to volunteer.

“All individuals interested in serving on a board, commission and/or committee must complete an application and submit it to the Mayor’s office for review. This information will be used in determining which individuals are best suited to serve, based on their qualifications, backgrounds, skills and interests. The purpose of this application process is to enable the City to recruit individuals who have a strong desire and ability to serve, but who may not have had the opportunity before. The expected outcome is that each board, commission and committee will benefit from the addition of new and well-qualified volunteers.”


The Kingstonian Project

At the last Kingston Planning Board Meeting on 1/22, the Planning Board passed a resolution requesting that they be Lead Agency in State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) for The Kingstonian project.

VIEW:  Resolution of the City of Kingston Planning Board With Regard to Seeking Designation as Lead Agency #9-17 ñs 2l North Front Street,5l Schwenk Drive, and a portion of Fair StreetExtension (SBL 48.80-l-25,26 ñs 24.120) in the SEQR Process Under 6 NYCRR Part 617

VIEW The list of Involved Agencies who decide Lead Agency of this proposal.  (pages 17, 18, 19 of the Environmental Assessment Form (EAF)).

Click on the image below to be led to the materials posted in the Kingston Planning Board’s “Planning Projects” page. Click on the drop box to find “Kingstonian”