June Primary: Q&A on Early Voting and Primary Day


Early voting has begun in a closed Democratic primary election contest in Kingston.  It includes a citywide Mayoral race and seats in Wards 1 and 4.  

In all of Ulster County, those who can vote early in the June primary include (as per the Ulster County Board of Elections): All registered Democrats in: Shandaken, Woodstock, Saugerties, Kingston, New Paltz, Gardiner and Hurley; All registered Republicans in: Shawangunk; All registered Working Families Party in: Saugerties.

Early Voting: June 17 – 25
Primary Election: June 27

If your municipality is not listed, it’s because there is not more than one candidate seeking a spot on the ballot for any given party during the General Election ballot in November.

Here are a few helpful key questions and answers to help you during this primary season.   Get out and vote!


  1. What is a primary election? In a primary election, each political party selects its candidates to run for office during the general election in November. The candidates who get the highest number of votes in the primary election go on to run in the general election.


  1. Can anyone vote in a “closed” primary? During a closed primary, only voters registered with that party can take part and vote.


  1. Do I have a primary to vote in? Not all election districts have a primary.  If there is not more than one person trying to seek a particular party line on the general election ballot, there would not be a primary.


  1. What if I am not registered in the party that I want to cast a vote in? In NYS, as a current, registered voter, you must have changed your party affiliation by Feb 12 to the party you want to vote with.  If that is not done,  you will not be registered with that party and you cannot vote because in NYS primaries are closed.


  1. Can I vote for a person if I do not live in that municipality in a primary election? A voter may only vote within their local voting district for any election.


  1. Can I register today and vote? NYS currently does not have same day registration.  This year, that was only available on June 17 as the last day to register as a NEW voter. Under the current law, only on that one day could you register and vote.


  1. What happens if I am not in the voter rolls and I did register to vote? You can vote by affidavit ballot, which is then counted by the Board of Elections.  If you have met the criteria to vote after their investigation your vote will be counted.  If your registration does not fit the criteria, it cannot be counted.  The BOE will then send you a letter explaining why so you can correct it for the next election.


  1. Why are there no referendums on the ballot? Referendums appear on the ballot in General Elections in November and not during a primary contest. 


  1. Why would I not have a ballot to vote on? In the city of Kingston, there is a citywide democratic primary for Mayor. That means that every registered democrat can vote during this primary election.  If you live in Wards 1 and 4, your ballot will include a primary contest for your democratic representative on the Kingston common council.  


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Ulster County and City of Kingston Discuss Rights for the Hudson River

By Rebecca Martin

The City of Kingston and Ulster County are both discussing the Rights of the Hudson River. It’s time.

With major threats that include PCBs, anchorages, transmission cables, radioactive discharges and more, community members in the City of Kingston and Ulster County have been working with elected officials to bring forward legislation and memorializing resolutions to imagine providing rights to the Hudson River and its watershed.


Ulster County Legislator Phil Erner has been collaborating with community members from The Eco-Assembly to bring forward legislation for Rights of the Hudson River.  On June 1, the Ulster County Legislature’s Energy, Environment and Sustainability Committee passed a resolution for a public hearing on July 18. LISTEN to that discussion that begins at 10:00.

The request will go to the full legislature on June 13 for approval.

City of Kingston:   FACEBOOK EVENT

In the City of Kingston, Paul Tobin and Chief Mann, the Turtle Clan Chief of the Ramapough Lenape Nation with the support of Julie Noble, the city’s Environmental Education and Sustainability Coordinator, recently introduced Memorializing Resolution #95 calling for a “Bill of Rights for the Hudson River, Also Known as the Mahicantuck, and its Watershed and Ecosystem” to the Kingston Common Council’s Laws and Rules Committee that passed unanimously in May and that will go to the floor on June 6.  The council is discussing many important items that we are following, this being one of them.

Please join our Facebook events linked above for important updates and to learn how you can participate. 



LISTEN: On the Green Radio Hour with Jon Bowermaster “Does nature have rights? A conversation…”