Proposed Niagara Bottling Company Project

Please choose the committee you wish to be a part of and contact the Chair to be in contact to get on their mailing list for upcoming meetings.

Chair:  Debra Bresnan   
Co-Chairs:  Karin Wolf  
The Communications & Outreach Committee is charged with creating strategies for mainstream support, media coverage, public forums, canvassing, social media and in organizing the public to attend important meetings.

Chair:   Rachel Marco-Havens   
Co-Chair:  Elizabeth Littleton   
The Event & Fundraising Committee is charged with creating fun and educational events and working to support the rest of our citizen committees, particularly communications and outreach. 

Chair:  Kitty McCullough  
The Economic Development Committee is charged with working to identify strategies to target business that highlights the assets in the City of Kingston and neighboring communities. The committee will also work to identify items that need to be addressed (taxes, affordable housing, etc) in order for small, medium and larger industry to come to Kingston.

Chair:  (Acting)
  Jennifer Schwartz Berky  
The Policy & Planning Committee is charged in all matters having to do with SEQR, Legal Tools, Kingston’s Charter, the Public Trust Doctrine, Science, Economic, Cultural, Historic and other items.

4 thoughts on “Proposed Niagara Bottling Company Project”

  1. I would be happy to help out with communications and events and activities. I live in Greene County but am very concerned about the bottled water industry taking advantage of the water supplies in small towns and cities. I just watched the movies Flow and Tapped and will do everything possible to protect our water supplies.

  2. I made a Groundhog Day Card featuring Saving Cooper lake and would like to send it to you. Who do I send it, or E-mail it to?


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