Feds Ask People to Avoid Caves

bats1There’s an article from the Associated Press that was sent out this weekend asking people to stay out of caves that might be inhabited by bats, who have been taken ill with a myterious illness. Given that the Kingston and Rosendale areas are full of caves, the advice should be of particular concern. Read the story, here.

Upcoming League Meeting to Discuss Future of Golden Hill

One execellent resource on county-wide issues is the work of the League of Women Voters. Of note is a consensus committee charged with determing the future of the Golden Hill facility here in Kingston. On April 18, the league is holding a meeting at the Port Ewen Library regarding the facility.

“The Mid-Hudson League of Women Voters will present a program in order to come to consensus on the future of the Golden Hill Health Related Facility in Ulster County,” the League says on its website. “It will include an overview of our study and the pros and cons of the consensus questions will be discussed.” For detailed information about the league, see its website and calender, here.

Lessons in Civil Disobedience

dsc_0022Over 200 Kingston High School students walked off campus and gathered on the sidewalk at City Hall about 11 a.m. today to protest the school’s pending “closed campus” proposal. One student said she wasn’t sure who had organized the walkout, but said school officials had warned students earlier in the day that they would be suspend any student who participated in the walk out.

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Such a Sap

dsc_0182My wife Nell and our daughter Marina recently spent a cool March Sunday boiling down five gallons of maple water into three, small jars of the best maple syrup I’ve tasted in some time. The sap was tapped at our friend Jeff Parker’s house in Hurley.

Nell boiled the sap water on a hot wood fire in our backyard, for several hours. Nell and Marina said it was well worth the time.

— Arthur Zaczkiewicz

Ward 1 Sets Meeting Date

Maria Loeffel, who runs the Ward 1 Yahoo! Group has set March 31 for the group’s first community meeting. The event will be at the Kingston Library, and runs from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Alberman Al Teetsel and Rebecca Martin will be there.

“In regards to Neighborhood Watch, Mr. Teetsel will have information on any criminal activities that have accorded recently in our ward and Rebecca Martin will discuss community involvement in regards to Government and Community outreach,” Maria wrote on her post in the discussion group. For more information about the group, see the discussion page here.

What Worries Us

According to this article today, the Kingston Planning Board is set to vote on April 13 on the environmental findings statement for AVR’s Hudson Landing project, which is on the site of the Tilcon property. This would be the last step for the project to move forward. This project has been years in the making, and involved many reviews and hearings.

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Leafed Alone

Spring Lettuce
Spring Lettuce

While clearing the garden for spring today, I found a nice surprise hidden under fallen stalks of squash and tomato: new lettuce sprouting up. What a comfort. The lettuce was planted last year by my wife, Nell, who let the plant go to seed late in the season in the hopes it would return. And yes, nature found a way.

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Sights on Forsyth

juliemel418People in Kingston often talk about the importance of our cultural or historical assets, and with good reason. Our arts, museums, architecture, historical buildings and such set Kingston apart from many other cities, towns and villages.

But I would have to add two people to the list of what’s important in Kingston: Julie and Steve Noble. I couldn’t imagine what the city would do if they ever left.  And if you’re not aware of the programs they have developed for Kingston, check out the Forsyth Nature Center website, here.

These talented, skilled and compassionate environmental educators have developed programming for children and adults that includes: “Warbler Walks;” adult nature walks; “Turtle Talks;” morning and evening kayak tours; full moon hikes; snowshoe hikes; “Mammal Mania;” and children hikes; among other things such as eco-tours and environmental excursions.

In addition, both are active in helping teachers develop environmental education programs for elementary schools. Again, check out the website to get an idea of what is offered.

On a personal note, I’m proud to serve with the Nobles at the Kingston Land Trust. Despite working 60-plus hours each week, the Nobles find the time and energy to work with the land trust. Amazing.

So, join me with some virtual applause for Julie and Steve Noble, whom I’m sure have some great stuff planned for this year.

— Arthur Zaczkiewicz

Land Grab!

The Ulster County Commissioner of Finance’s office has set April 22 for an auction of land that is owned by the county. The one-day sale will be held at Ulster County Community College. For more information and to download details about the auction, check out the county website, here.

St. Diversity Day

Spectator's Chairs on Parade RouteLast weekend’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade, here in Kingston, was one magnificent event. Before the Shamrock Run began, which paved the way for the paraders from the Gov. Clinton Hotel to the Rondout, I rode my bike down the course as folks were setting up chairs, positioning themselves for the best view.

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New CSA in Kingston

Just in time for Spring, this comes to us from KayCee Wimbish:

I am working with some people in Kingston to set up a new CSA site at Keegan Ales. Hearty Roots Community Farm, located in Tivoli, will be delivering 50 shares of locally-grown, pesticide-free produce to Keegan’s Wednesdays from June 3-October 28. People can choose a weekly share for $575  or an every other week share for $300. A weekly share is designed to feed a family of 4 for a week.

For more information, see: www.heartyroots.com

Stop, Shop and Get to Know Launched

Whenever there’s been a discussion about our community and consumerism, the talk always evolves into the importance of shopping and buying local, and supporting local businesses.

It’s with this in mind, that KingstonCitizens.org presents an initiative, created by KingstonCitizens.org founder Rebecca Martin, titled: STOP, SHOP and GET TO KNOW. Supported by a website (see it here), the program puts a fresh face on the shop local trend with the inclusion of some fun facts about our local businesses. The first business profiled is Nekos-Dedricks Pharmacy, located on North Front Street.

Check out the website, and support our local businesses. They need us as much as we need them.