Common Council: Caucus and Full Meetings

July 7th, 2015  VIDEO
* Water Powers Referendum Passes

June 2nd, 2015  VIDEO 
* Water Referendum

June 1st, 2015  VIDEO   Part 1    Part 2
* Water Referendum

May 5th, 2015   VIDEO

April 8th, 2015   Majority Leader     Minority Leader


2 thoughts on “Common Council: Caucus and Full Meetings

  1. Do citizens have the right to make comments at the common council meeting tonight before the vote on sanctuary city status?

    • Yes. Public Comment is always available to the public prior to every monthly Common Council meeting. Generally, you have up to 3 minutes to present your opinions/facts, so it’s always good to be prepared so that you are able to get it all in.

      Tonight, Mayor Steve Noble will present his ‘state of the city’ address at 7:00pm. The Common Council’s ‘organizational’ meeting will follow at 7:30pm (where the memorializing resolution on Kingston beings a ‘welcoming and inclusive’ city will be debated and voted upon). We are working to confirm what time citizens can sign-up to speak, though we encourage you to arrive at City Hall by at least 6:45pm to get a seat.

      Also, tonight’s vote on the memorializing resolution is not in making Kingston a ‘sanctuary city’. Here is a FAQ sheet that we created. We hope that it helps.

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