Roxanne Grieve-Smith – Testimony from the 11/4/14 Common Council Meeting

   – Why do they want to bottle our water?
       – Is it because Cooper Lake is in the town of Woodstock?, put another label on the famous name again?
         – What is the point of bottling our water? to make a profit? of what we need on  a daily basis?
          – It is so damn arrogant of any corporation to even think of doing this. Cooper Lake is not a spring -like they have in Maine, or other places that have beautiful scenery.
             This is our water – NOT FOR PROFIT-
          I hope, and pray the town of Ulster’s planning board or the DEC, or other interested or involved agencies don’t get railroaded into this to make a tax profit.  If this corporation gets in, then others may try to join in, even if it is environmentally vulnerable  for the area.
     – Start-up NY needs to figure a way to bring other kinds of business here that will help the economy, other than detain a necessity of something we need on a daily basis. like our water.
           BTW – check the documentary out -regarding what Nestle does with other communities. and how they railroad other towns, and cities- just because the Ceo thinks that water is not a necessity, it is more of a profit instead.
            Another thing, It is ironic that the town of Ulster planning board was drinking bottled water at the last  meeting – check the tape.

– Roxanne Grieve-Smith


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