Rachel Marco-Havens on Water Powers Referendum

My name is Rachel Marco-Havens, I live in Woodstock.
Thank you.
I am an active member of KingstonCitizens.org and am here also representing Earth Guardians NY, which is a youth Led organization who’s main focus is addressing solutions for Climate Change and working for the health and well being on the planet now, and for generations to come.
The founding of this chapter came about with the call of local young citizens who, when they became aware of the Niagara Proposal, felt disenfranchised by the limitations of of their age.
They see even more of a need for the protection of our water as a public good with the reality that much of the country is in drought and Many Major Bottling Companies are now looking to the east coast for new water sources.
Our water should not to be privatized in exchange for infrastructure development and restoration, and
 If the children can see that, and the current  Water Board can’t… there is ever a need for more checks and balance.
 In the same way that the children have felt disenfranchised, so have many other citizens of the municipalities concerned throughout particularly the last nine months—and with referendums like the one in question, you are showing us that you see the importance of giving the people a voice.
It is our responsibility as adults to help our children to feel safe and protected, and so should all of the citizens of the municipalities that live in our watersheds also feel safe and protected.
As one who lives by the source of The City Of Kingston’s drinking water, many of us in Woodstock are more than willing to work with you to continue this conversation, and to further bolster the protection of our collective commons. We are interdependent and our inter-municipal relationships are very important to honor and protect as well.


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