VIDEO: Food & Water Watch “Bottled Water. Bad for people and the environment”

By Rebecca Martin hosted a public educational forum with our guest Alex Beauchamp from Food & Water Watch. Thanks to Clark Richters of Kingston News for capturing the bulk of the evening.

0:00 – 3:50
A brief history of bottled water

3:51 – 5:02
How has marketing convinced us that bottled water is safer?

5:02 – 6:57
Bottled water contamination. Who oversees testing?

6:58 – 7:39
What is the regulatory process for water bottling facilities?

7:43 – 9:35
Differences between Bottled Water and Soda and Beer industries

9:39 – 14:25
Water leaving the watershed. What happens to water when it leaves and why doesn’t it return?

14:26 – 17:06
What are the benefits of selling water to the community and the profits to a company?

17:08 – 19:36
Are there examples of how selling municipal water has curtailed economic development?

19:46 – 27:02
Regarding Niagara, have you seen scenarios before such as like what is happening in Kingston in other communities and how have they gone through their process?

27:10 – 27:49
Why might Niagara be interested in coming to our area?

27:52 – 30:03
Is it common that corporations and government are working behind the scenes before the public is made aware of water deals?

Open the floor to questions.