IMPORTANT MEETING / IMPORTANT VOTE: Kingston Common Council on November 4th at 7:30pm


Kingston Common Council Meeting

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

Kingston City Hall
Council Chambers
420 Broadway
Kingston, NY

The Kingston Common Council will vote to pass through two important memorializing resolutions. The first in support of the DEC as Lead Agency of the SEQR process for the proposed Niagara Bottling Company. The second in support of the City of Kingston being listed as ‘involved’ agency in the SEQR process.  READ: SEQR: Interested vs. Involved Agencies



By Rebecca Martin

Tonight at Kingston’s Common Council General Government/Public Safety Meeting, members of the Common Council passed through two key memorializing resolutions.  Please come to the next Kingston Common Council Meeting on Tuesday, November 4th where the council will discuss and take an action on passing them both through…or not. The public to witness is key to its success.


#1: Based on the Kingston Conservation Advisory Council’s recommendation given the multi-jurisdictional nature of the proposal, to request that the DEC take Lead Agency in the Niagara Bottling Company SEQR. 

READ The Kingston Conservation Advisory Council’s Recommendation.


Last week, the Town of Ulster made an amendment to the ‘Interested’ and ‘Involved’ agencies, adding the City of Kingston as an ‘Interested’ agencies. Prior to that, the City of Kingston was not listed at all.

#2: In response to this, the Common Council passed through another memorializing resolution that the City of Kingston be changed from ‘Interested’ to ‘Involved’ agency on the SEQR review.

READ Ward 3 Alderman Brad Will’s letter to the Committee. 

Lets rally.

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