DEP and the Ashokan Reservoir? More on SEQR and Agencies Involved.



By Rebecca Martin

Today, a press release was printed in the Daily Freeman that was written by the Water Department Superintendent Judy Hansen.

In it,  the Ashokan Reservoir is noted as part of Kingston’s emergency water planning. I’ve bolded this text in the body of the press release below that states:

“The availability of back-up supplies like NYC’s Ashokan Reservoir is also part of our emergency planning. Kingston has the right to obtain water from the Ashokan Reservoir and was poised to access this supply in both 1957 and 1981.”

If I am reading this correctly,  it appears that the DEP (Department of Environmental Protection)  would also be an agency listed, if the action in the EAF had included Kingston and its water source (which it should have).

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