Kingston Water Department ‘Will Serve’ Letter Issued on September 15th, 2014

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By Rebecca Martin

Today, we received a copy of the the ‘Will Serve’ letter (we had heard others and ourselves had been calling it a ‘Will Share’ letter.  The proper term is ‘Will Serve’) issued by the Kingston Water Department to Niagara Bottling, LLC on September 15th, 2014.

It was done the day before Peter Romano of The Chazen Companies gave their presentation to the Town of Ulster Planning Board on September 16th (click on link to listen. Romano’s presentation begins at 1:15:26), 2014.  As you recall, the Planning Board that evening agreed to pass ‘Lead Agency’ of the SEQR process along to the Town of Ulster Town Board. A resolution passed on September 18th, 2014 for The Town of Ulster as ‘Lead Agency‘ (click on link to listen. The Town Board discussion on Lead Agency begins at 16:30).

The letter ends by saying “Please let me know if this meets your requirements so that we can execute a more formal agreement that is acceptable to both parties” and  “The Board of Water Commissioners looks forward to working with Niagara and welcomes you to the City of Kingston.”



From the Water Board meeting, 10/8/14. Supervisor Jim Quigley addressing the Water Board after the public had left.

7:29 Unidentified Commissioner: How long did it take us to get them to acknowledge that they wanted to negotiate with us for the amount of water and the price. It wasnʼt, you said, I guess April, but I think it was later than that. I mean, the email may have come…
7:43 Hansen: The email came, the initial email asking for the will serve letter came following the County meeting in April. But it was August before they started to actually negotiate directly with us.
7:58 Quigley: And the reason that was..
8:00 Unidentified Commissioner: I just didnʼt think it was late in the summer.
8:03 Hansen: It was August.
8:04 Quigley: Mr Ginsburg didnʼt sign the contract for sale till August, okay? They did not know they had a deal.
8:11Hansen: Right, right.
8:14 Unidentified Commissioner: And thatʼs why the will serve stuff sat from April until September.
8:19 Hansen: Exactly.




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  2. The public water supply is being tainted by politics! Who appoints the Kingston City Water Board….the Mayor does! We the people need leaders that understand their boundaries and serve the people not self serve!


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