Kingston Readies For Victory Garden


Did you hear about the Victory Garden that’s planned for City Hall? Rebecca Martin and a host of volunteers are working with the mayor’s office and the Kingston City Schools to create this amazing project that brings together city and school officials, students, volunteers and professional gardeners.

See the press release here for more information.

I think what’s amazing about this project is that it creates much-needed collaboration betweeen several groups of people. This is good medicine for a recession.

Victory Gardens were popularized during World War I and II. Eleanor Roosevelt was a proponent of them. The image above shows a victory garden across from San Francisco’s City Hall, circa 1943. Food to feed people, that was its simple purpose back then. And so it is here in Kingston, many decades later.

The Victory Garden project was launched by Martin last year and it gets better each year, bringing people together and creating community.

— Arthur Zaczkiewicz

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