Feds Ask People to Avoid Caves

bats1There’s an article from the Associated Press that was sent out this weekend asking people to stay out of caves that might be inhabited by bats, who have been taken ill with a myterious illness. Given that the Kingston and Rosendale areas are full of caves, the advice should be of particular concern. Read the story, here.

Upcoming League Meeting to Discuss Future of Golden Hill

One execellent resource on county-wide issues is the work of the League of Women Voters. Of note is a consensus committee charged with determing the future of the Golden Hill facility here in Kingston. On April 18, the league is holding a meeting at the Port Ewen Library regarding the facility.

“The Mid-Hudson League of Women Voters will present a program in order to come to consensus on the future of the Golden Hill Health Related Facility in Ulster County,” the League says on its website. “It will include an overview of our study and the pros and cons of the consensus questions will be discussed.” For detailed information about the league, see its website and calender, here.