Stop, Shop and Get to Know Launched

Whenever there’s been a discussion about our community and consumerism, the talk always evolves into the importance of shopping and buying local, and supporting local businesses.

It’s with this in mind, that presents an initiative, created by founder Rebecca Martin, titled: STOP, SHOP and GET TO KNOW. Supported by a website (see it here), the program puts a fresh face on the shop local trend with the inclusion of some fun facts about our local businesses. The first business profiled is Nekos-Dedricks Pharmacy, located on North Front Street.

Check out the website, and support our local businesses. They need us as much as we need them.

Food Safety Laws Threaten CSAs and Organic Farms?

Food safety has become a critical issue over the past few years with the most recent peanut butter recall causing lawmakers to strengthen laws to protect consumers.

But in the process, there’s been much chatter this past week regarding how several food safety bills — notably senate bill 425 — impact local farmers, CSAs, and small organic farms. One blogger who has studied the bill says aside from the threat to CSAs and organic farms, small, backyard farm plots would be subject to fines if the bill was passed into law.

The interpretation of any proposed law is tricky and the implications are hard to guess. What’s important, though, is that lawmakers carefully read the bill to make a sound choice. Consumers should also weigh in on the topic. A good place to start is this blog by Sacred Lotus Photography, which has links to the proposed law. I’ll also continue to poke around and see what others are saying, and if you run into anything that’s related, please let us know.

— Arthur Zaczkiewicz