Lessons in Civil Disobedience

dsc_0022Over 200 Kingston High School students walked off campus and gathered on the sidewalk at City Hall about 11 a.m. today to protest the school’s pending “closed campus” proposal. One student said she wasn’t sure who had organized the walkout, but said school officials had warned students earlier in the day that they would be suspend any student who participated in the walk out.

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Such a Sap

dsc_0182My wife Nell and our daughter Marina recently spent a cool March Sunday boiling down five gallons of maple water into three, small jars of the best maple syrup I’ve tasted in some time. The sap was tapped at our friend Jeff Parker’s house in Hurley.

Nell boiled the sap water on a hot wood fire in our backyard, for several hours. Nell and Marina said it was well worth the time.

— Arthur Zaczkiewicz

Ward 1 Sets Meeting Date

Maria Loeffel, who runs the Ward 1 Yahoo! Group has set March 31 for the group’s first community meeting. The event will be at the Kingston Library, and runs from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Alberman Al Teetsel and Rebecca Martin will be there.

“In regards to Neighborhood Watch, Mr. Teetsel will have information on any criminal activities that have accorded recently in our ward and Rebecca Martin will discuss community involvement in regards to Government and Community outreach,” Maria wrote on her post in the discussion group. For more information about the group, see the discussion page here.