The O-Yeah (Organization Yielding an end to Animal Homelessness)

By Rebecca Martin

Last week on my way into Mother Earth Storehouse in Kingston, there was a young man selling pies – and delicious looking pies of all sorts that included vegan recipes – in the entranceway. He was gentle and soft spoken with the crowd that had gathered to check out the goods and to learn of a new organization that he was a founder of called “the O-Yeah: the organization yielding on end to animal homelessness“.  Their aim is noble and makes a lot of sense by working to end pet overpopulation in the city of Kingston. It’s a perfect illustration of hyper local, which in my estimation is what we all need to get back to in our efforts and endeavors.

An organization after my own heart, I waited my turn to speak to him to learn more of what they were up to.

So here’s the deal. This big hearted and intelligent crew bake pies out of their professional kitchen as a part in raising money  to purchase a location in midtown Kingston.  They have a website that is as interactive as it is informative. You can become a member and use their forum to get advice, support and to learn of how you can help.

I love this concept and wish them the very best. Perhaps we’ll conduct an interview one of these days when they get further along so that we can learn more about several of the extraordinary youth in the city of Kingston.

Until then, check out their pies.  Seriously.

5 thoughts on “The O-Yeah (Organization Yielding an end to Animal Homelessness)”

  1. I discovered them the same way. The pies are delicious and I love how passionately and sincerely they are focusing their mission. I am really looking forward to having a facility to protect animals that is within the city!

  2. Wow, thank you for the kind words and praise! We have been working really hard to raise the money to open the shelter and it’s nice to hear that people are enjoying the pies!

    We haven’t been there in a little while and for a really good reason! We are hammering out the final details with the owners of the Kings Mall to open a Donation Center & Baking Outlet in the small store across from the Blooming Boutique Florist & Kingston Dental! We are hoping to be open within a week. In addition to the pies, we are going to have cookies, brownies, muffins and more. And because we have had so many requests, we are working on some dairy-, gluten-, and sugar-free items!

    I want to thank everyone who has donated and bought pies from us! To date we have raised just over $4,000 towards buying the building on Field Court (across from the UPA on Broadway)!! Stay tuned to for more updates to come soon!!

  3. Hi, I just want to let everyone know that last week we opened up the Donation Center & Baking Outlet in the Kings Mall! We are working harder than ever and now have a lot more than our tasty pies- bread, cookies, treats.. Stop in to visit us anytime! You can reach us online at or call (845) 802 2046.


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