IMPORTANT UPDATE: Natural Gas Power Plant in Town of Ulster not on tonight’s Town of Ulster Town Board Agenda.

The Town of Ulster Town Board meeting agenda was posted this afternoon, and the proposed Lincoln Park Grid Support Center was not on it. It is not unusual for their agendas to be updated closer to meeting time, so we called the Town of Ulster Clerk’s office (and spoke to Suzanne who is always very helpful) who confirmed that the applicant pulled their item from the agenda tonight, and that there will be no discussion on SEQR and therefore, no determinations will be made. She also stated that the applicant wished to do more outreach into the community before going forward at this time to gauge the public’s concerns.

If you still are planning to attend tonight’s meeting, a reminder that the public can speak only on items that are on the agenda during the public comment period at the start of the meeting. If you wish to address items that are not on the agenda, you may do so during the second public comment opportunity at the end of the meeting. will film the meeting tonight from start to finish thanks to Clark Richters and the Kingston News.

We view this as a positive step. A very special thank you to our coalition partners for all of their efforts. Lets continue to build our coalition and work collaboratively together on each important step as we proceed. Stay tuned, and friend our FACEBOOK page for updates.



1. Coalition Letter (12/15/17)  Lincoln Park Grid Support Center – SEQRA Review

2. (12/16/17)   “Lincoln Park Grid Support Center (a Gas-Fired Power Plant proposed in the Town of Ulster) and SEQR.

3. NYSERDA (2/21/17) Governor Cuomo Announces Nearly 800 Percent Growth of New York Solar Power Over Past Five Years

TOGETHER, LETS CONTINUE TO TRANSITION OUR ENERGY SYSTEM IN THE MID-HUDSON VALLEY. From 2011 to 2016, the Mid-Hudson Valley region placed second in the state for the most solar installations, seeing an increase of 1,164%  in Megawatts installed and an increase of 944% for projects installed.

“Under Governor Cuomo’s nation-leading Reforming the Energy Vision strategy, solar power is integral to driving the State’s clean energy economy while reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Clean, renewable energy will help the State meet its aggressive energy goals, make electricity more affordable for New Yorkers and bring about a more resilient and versatile energy system.”  -RIichard L. Kauffman, Chairman of Energy and Finance for New York said.

Lets continue our efforts in transitioning our energy system as leaders in the state with a 100% renewable energy project.

1 thought on “IMPORTANT UPDATE: Natural Gas Power Plant in Town of Ulster not on tonight’s Town of Ulster Town Board Agenda.”

  1. Officials,

    A majestic acreage on Frank Sottle Blvd. in the town of Ulster is being considered real estate for a guide path plant to produce an energy supply for neighboring counties. This leads one to ask, who in their right mind would want their name on record okaying a toxic environmental eye sore in our historic area? A diesel power plant with its disastrous implications could be operating alongside local businesses and residences with encouragement of town officials unless something is done to defuse it. I find it interesting that no eco friendly alternatives have been seriously mentioned. Alternative solutions are seemly nowhere in sight. Why?
    A haunted house in Esopus stimulates millions, grossing hundreds of thousands a day. Isn’t this an indication that a huge tourism trade is out there waiting to be targeted? Mr. Quigley Instead of supplying our southern neighboring counties with a diesel power plant why can’t one of the last exclusive land parcels in Ulster be used for a tourist attraction? Perhaps town officials should consider appointing a creative THINK tank to resolve this issue. The phrase
    THINK tank reminds me of a construction company, who in the sixties had the word THINK on all the doors of its company owned vehicles. That’s a good idea!
    The toxic project approach is said to be fruitful revenue for tax payers according to those who support it, but if passed, I believe will gradually prove disastrous and degrading to both businesses and residences. Simply a poor choice for our children’s children to marvel over when we are no longer here. I along with many believe this to be a big mistake with irreversible long-term consequences, not only for businesses and residences, but for succeeding generations. Many are old enough to remember Kingston’s historic post office demolishing and its replacement with unattractive food eateries. Or perhaps the decision to put the location of Kingston’s sewage treatment plant on prime river front property. These poor decisions are also present-day irreversible reminders of what can happen when careful thought out planing is not implemented. Will this power plant march on and add
    another architectural blunder to the towns landscape, or will there be enough concern to stop it? Mr. Quigley, I urge you to please use a prudent approach to this threat.
    Our historic town is on the line and deserves something better than a toxic power plant occupying a very unique location.


    F.M. Vetere


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