Master Plan Facilities Committee Recommendations on Sophie Finn and Meagher Elementary Schools in Kingston

As some are familiar, a Master Plan Facilities Committee was established to “study the district’s facilities and make recommendations to the Board of Education for a Five Year Capital Improvement Plan”.  It was established three years ago in January of 2008.

At this time, the committee concludes that Meagher Elementary School be closed and Sophie Finn Elementary School be converted into an alternative educational center for High School students.

There is one last public comment opportunity on the subject after the MPFC makes it’s recommendations.

Wednesday, March 2nd, Board of Education facility at 61 Crown Street

The Master Plan Facilities Committee will make their recommendations to the BOE. There is no public comment at this time.

6:00pm: The Board of Education Executive Committee

7:00pm: Public Comment (each citizen is limited to 2 minutes each).

I recommend that you attend the 4:30pm meeting if you wish to speak later on. If you do go, please post your experience in the comment section of this post.

Future meetings for the Master Plan Facilities Committee are Wednesday’s at 4:30pm April 6, May 4, June 1 all at the Crown Street location.


2 thoughts on “Master Plan Facilities Committee Recommendations on Sophie Finn and Meagher Elementary Schools in Kingston”

  1. Thank you for posting the date and location of the meeting.

    Supposing one wanted to take a position on the school boards decision, supporting the decision or opposing it…
    Where would one find the data on that bears of the problem and how that data is found to lead to the conclusions reached by the Master Plan Facilities Committee?

  2. I would go to the source. Contact Camille Ellsworth at the Board of Education to get more information. Her email address is: or, you can call the main office at 339-3000 and ask to be directed to her extension which is 3009. Ask if you could receive a copy or a link to the recommendation. Otherwise, I believe that Hayes Clement has a copy. You could ask him to send it to you.

    The Board of Education has had a bad rap in the press. But in my estimation, they are pretty transparent and better at communications then the city of Kingston. Their intention is to interact with the public and according to Camille, they are creating a new kind of web service come June or July that will send updates to anyone who wishes for them.

    Let me know how you make out.



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