Fund Raiser for Burma: Punch and Judy Puppet Show Available for November

By Rebecca Martin

I’ve mentioned Amy Trompetter in another post ‘trumpeting’ her creative Redwing Blackbird Theater group and their wonderful puppet creations for children  (and adults, too).   Currently, she is working to take her ‘Peter and the Wolf’ effort to Burma – and is offering private shows for children’s parties.  It’s such a great idea that I had to share it.



10 for 100

Fund-raiser for Burma

SPECIAL OFFER Amy Trompetter of Redwing Blackbird Theater 413 Main St. Rosendale is offering 10 PUNCH AND JUDY performances in the Hudson Valley for the reduced fee of $100 per show.  The fundraiser supports young people at Gitameit School in Rangoon to adapt and to tour A NON-PROKOFIEV PETER AND THE WOLF. We propose opening a door for the young generation in Burma to be free of limitation and have access to all ideas relating to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.   The workshop in Rangoon combines Asian and western puppetry techniques, and new music based on jazz and traditional Burmese orchestration. Amy leaves 12/1/10.

Punch and Judy show description: The wicked humor of Amy’s “Punch and Judy” hand puppet show, based on English tradition and New York anarchy, has stormed five continents over twenty years and is famed for a large skirt that lifts over the head and transforms into a stage.

For more information please contact: 845 658 7651.

This PUNCH AND JUDY SPECIAL is NOVEMBER ONLY, though you may pay now for a show in the spring.



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