Puppets in Rosendale

By Rebecca Martin

I discovered this really great group called  the Redwing Blackbird Theater in Rosendale.  We sort of fell into it last weekend on Halloween when their doors were wide open for the children to enjoy a free puppet show as we were wandering around trick-or-treating. I have never seen my son laugh harder than he did and I was impressed by the artistry. It was a funky space, and alot of fun.

The one behind the magic, Amy Trompetter, is presenting “Peter and the Wolf” this afternoon at 3pm at the Rosendale Theater.  She is working to raise funds to bring her show to Burma this winter. Perhaps when she returns, we can bring her to Kingston on a regular basis.

PETER AND THE WOLF, November 6, 2010, 3 pm, By Donation, Rosendale Theatre Collective

Redwing Blackbird Theater presents a puppet adaptation of PETER AND THE WOLF.

Geared for children and adults, this PETER AND THE WOLF is updated from the 1936 original by Sergei Prokofiev, as narrated by Eleanor Roosevelt around 1950 in Poughkeepsie. Like many good stories, this one begins in the forest and asks where we are going. The Full Spectrum Dominance Orchestra provides unusual instrumentation and improvisation in the spirit of Prokofiev’s beloved score.

PETER AND THE WOLF was developed as a series of Saturday improves and performances by and for the community at Redwing Blackbird Theater, 413 Main Street, Rosendale, NY. http://redwingblackbirdtheater.com/

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