Good Things Seen and Unseen

Kingston Majority Leader and 7th Ward Alderman Bill Reynolds was kind enough to invite Mark Greene and myself onto his show this morning on Kingston Community Radio to chat about the initiative. We talked about the progess we’ve made (launching and marketing the campaign) as well as what’s happening next (another social event, a Google maps project and a bus tour, among other stuff).

At one point, Bill mentioned the blog, which functions as a news site, and noted that there is a focus on good news here. I agreed and said there’s a lot of good things happening here in Kingston despite efforts by the local media to drill down into negative news and conflict (real, imagined or manufactured).

Of course there’s incredible work being done by residents in regard to community gardening, feeding the poor and helping the elderly, who are often neglected by society. There’s also a bunch of folks working on making sure kids eat healthy, learn marketable skills and exercise.

For example, Coornell Cooperative Extension is partnering with several other groups on a grant that ties together healthy eating and living, and focuses on the city’s youth.

Much of this work is done by volunteers and non-profits. Often, this work, the good deeds, go unnoticed. So its important to recognize when something good happens in Kingston.

Which reminds me of the other day. While biking back from the uptown and heading toward Brewster Street where I live, I took Greenkill Avenue. I noticed that the property owner (or owners) who have parcels on the east side of the street made some significant improvements to the landscaping by planting trees. The area looks 1,000 percent better, and I told the guys doing the work so.

So, there are good things, big and small, noticed and unnoticed, that are happening all over Kingston. And that in itself is a good thing worth noticing.

— Arthur Zaczkiewicz

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