On Mother’s Day

I was surprised to learn that Mother’s Day is celebrated all over the world, although on different dates. My cynical side dismissed it as a Hallmark Card invention until I realized how important is the recognition of our mothers.

As a long-time friend once said, “We all enter this world through a portal called Mom.” Yes, we owe much to her. My own, who passed away in 2004, brought four children into this world. She did a wonderful job in raising these kids, who grew into parents, and great mothers too.

But what makes a mother so special?

Well, of course she offers unconditional love. Who else does that?

She also worries more for our well being than anyone else, right?

Mothers also tend to our needs from the moment we’re born, and will take up that task even as we grow into adults.

She also feeds us. As infants, she can feed us from her body. As adults, she loves to have us over and sitting around the table. And she feeds our emotions too, offering an endless fount of love.

So on this Mother’s Day, take a moment to reflect and recognize what she has done for you. And thank her. Call her or see her, and wish your mom well.

— Arthur Zaczkiewicz