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Kudos too Ulster County Legislature Majority Leader Brian Cahill for proposing a “use what we make” initiative that would require area businesses to be notified when Ulster County government seeks services or goods.

According to the Kingston Daily Freeman, Cahill “drafted a resolution requesting the county Purchasing Department [to] create a database of Ulster County-based businesses by category and notify those business when the county is seeking bids for goods or services the businesses offer.”

From the perspective of local businesses and a responsible government, such as policy makes good business sense.

The move comes as our neighbors in Orange County urges local businesses there to bid on products, goods and services. Read that story, here.

Area businesses have much to offer, and taxes used for operating costs should go back into the local business pool. What do you think?

— Arthur Zaczkiewicz

2 thoughts on “Local Wisdom”

  1. Finally, they get it!!! We need to help our local economy and not just in these bad economic times. It should be a mindset to buy local. We have many qualified businesses who can handle the county and city governments needs.
    I also want to mention that when we patronize the local DMV that money stays in Ulster County. Do not mail license and car registrations to Albany in the envelopes that come from ALbany. The same goes in using the internet to pay these fees. Those monies go and stay in Albany. Let us keep our fees in Ulster County by going to DMV. The local DMV has made it quite comfortable to go to them. I know that in the past it was a real pain but recently I went back to motor vehicles and was pleased with the service.There are now benchs for our comfort if we need to stand/sit in line and just knowing that thousands of dollars will stay in local economy makes it worthwhile.

  2. I would also like to applaud Mr. Cahill for this. It shows that at least one of the Legislators up there understands the value of buying locally. Good work . We need to remember the politicians who get and those who don’t come November.


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