Call for Entries!

The Kingston Natural Foods Buying Club is now showcasing work of local artists in its store front at 33 Broadway in the Rondout. Check out the details in this story. The work is on exhibit through the beginning of June.

The buying club is also inviting local artists to submit work for an upcoming exhibit in its space. The theme of the exhibit is “Nourishment” and all work must be two dimensional and no more than 36 inches high. The exhibition will open June 6 and run through August 15. Please submit your digital images with media and size information to curator Megan Ingalls at by May 15 or call 845-383-1150 for more information.

Earth Work Continues…

earth-awarenessThe 4-H program at Cornell Co-operative Extension held its annual “Earth Awareness Day” at Kingston Point Park today. Over 300 area students went through several stations where they learned about soil erosion, the impact of toxins on wildlife and why planting a small veggie garden can be good for the Earth, among many other topics.

Julie Noble, of Forsyth Nature Center and who serves on the board of the Kingston Land Trust, was there to leverage her skills as an environmental educator. I was lucky enough to make the small garden presentation on behalf of the Kingston Land Trust. All of which is fitting, given that the Kingston Daily Freeman wrote an editorial today in support of the City Hall Victory Garden, which is being led by Rebecca Martin, director at the land trust and chair of the garden committee. Read the editorial here. Kudos to Rebecca for her hard work, and the volunteer corps that supports the effort.

The Freeman also urged residents to pick up a rake, a paintbrush, and get busy sprucing up the city. Great idea! We can all pitch in together to make Kingston shine.

And speaking of sprucing things up, many thanks are due to Charlotte Adamis for coordinating a rose pruning session with a couple of enthusiastic 5th graders from Chambers at the Senate House. To see pics of the kids at work, see this article.

If anyone is interested in volunteer work, let us know. There’s much to be done in Kingston.

— Arthur Zaczkiewicz