Free Mulch From the City of Kingston

Mulch and other garden augmentations are a multi-million dollar business, so I’ve often wondered with the city of Kingston’s yard waste problems why it didn’t process and sell it back to the county for profit. I suppose one day, it may decide to do so. In the meantime, get all the mulch you need….for free.

The Dept. of Public Works will be offering City residents free mulch at the transfer station on the blvd., effective immediately.  It has been approx. 3 months since our brush pile was mulched and we have been turning it over, so it is now ready to be given away.  We will require residents to load their own barrels, pickups etc.    

We can load vehicles w/the appropriate cab covers such as small dump trucks provided that people contact the transfer station in advance. 

A banner is going on the B’way overpass to notify residents of the availability.    

Please advise people of this availability and suggest to them that they contact the transfer station prior to pick up, at 331-5787.