VIDEO: Kingston Planning Board and the ICC, Boarding House, Hospital Campus. Kingstonian Project Tabled.

By Rebecca Martin

At last evening’s Planning Board meeting, we captured several items for the public to review that include:

  1. The Irish Cultural Center’s third request for a site plan application in the Rondout, Kingston.  (Item #8)
  2. A controversial ‘boarding house’ special use permit on West Chestnut Street, that has been vying for permission to be approved as a ’boutique hotel’.  (Item #7)
  3. A downsized project of Benedictine Hospital on Mary’s Avenue (Westchester Medical) by Health Alliance of the Hudson Valley.

The developers for the Kingstonian tabled their project yesterday afternoon.


Item #8: #32 Abeel Street SITE PLAN to construct a 16,213 sf community center. SBL 56.43-5-35.100. SEQR Determination. Zone RT, Rondout Historic District, HAC. Ward 8. Irish Cultural Center Hudson Valley Inc.; applicant/owner.


Item #7: #106 West Chestnut Street SPECIAL PERMIT to operate a Boarding House. SBL 56.34-11-22. SEQR Determination. Zone R-1. Ward 9. Chestnut Hill NY Inc.; applicant/owner.



Item #10: #105 Mary’s Avenue SITE PLAN AMENDMENT to the approved site plan to construct an addition to the hospital campus. SBL 56.41-3-1.110. SEQR Determination. Zone O-2 & RRR. Ward 9. Health Alliance of the Hudson Valley; applicant/owner


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