The Clearwater Sloop Docking in Kingston!

This just in!  The Clearwater Sloop will permanently move from Beacon to Kingston, where it will be berthed on the Rondout. In addition to boosting Downtown’s tourist appeal, the Clearwater will also mean the addition of 8-10 jobs (researchers, scientists) in the city.

Wonderful news for the City of Kingston.

5 thoughts on “The Clearwater Sloop Docking in Kingston!”

    • Kevin Cahill and Maurice Hinchey made the announcement last Saturday. Ward 9 Alderman Hayes Clement passed along the information to the Ward 9 Community Group yesterday.

  1. Will it be berthed at the Maritime Center? What facilities will the researchers and scientists have? Seems odd to me, since Clearwater just made this huge move to Beacon, and is expanding its base of operations there, with housing for crew.


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