Mayor James Sottile’s 2010 State of the City Address

Mayor James Sottile in his office, February 2010

Mayor James Sottile reading his 2010 State of the City Address from his office in February, 2010.

You can watch it HERE

(Video courtesy, Clark Richters of ‘The Kingston News Blog’).

2 thoughts on “Mayor James Sottile’s 2010 State of the City Address”

  1. Dear Mayor Sottile,

    Recently my family and I visited your great city and enjoyed a few
    evenings in the Roundabout area. It’s quite obvious that you’re doing
    a wonderful job in the area of restoration, as well, attracting many
    visitors who are able to indulge in the night life and fine

    During my time in Roundabout, my family and I were walking and talking
    to some of the locals whom by the way added a tremendous amount of
    culture and historical information to our stay. I was struck by a
    father of four who was fishing over by the docks. He was accompanied
    by two of his sons along with two young boys he was instructing
    fishing. I was moved by his knowledge of the town and by his
    selflessness to help the young boys do something constructive
    (fishing) and to teach them a new skill. I was saddened to learn by
    observing the signs that fishing was prohibitive and that folks like
    these clearly felt uncomfortable.

    Although the efforts of the town seem to be moving Kingston and in
    particular the Roundabout area in a positive direction, I feel that
    this group of economically deprived could not only enhance the area
    from a cultural and social perspective, but if given the opportunity,
    would be willing to help out in any way possible. Although this would
    seem like a paradox of sorts, trying to move a socially economic
    sector upwardly, given the deprived socio- economic restraints of the
    majority of the town folk, I believe that in giving you will receive.
    As an example, a very well known restaurateur in the deprived and poor
    mill city of Lawrence Massachusetts established a community sailing
    program on the Merrimack River, for those in the city who were less
    fortunate. The program grew exponentially and became a huge success
    and larger corporations within the area began to contribute to the
    program as well. It was a win win for all..The restaurant er (Abe
    Bashara), of Bishops Restaurant was honored each year and his
    contributions to the city of Lawrence forever an institution. It’s a
    real honor to know him personally.

    As a suggestion, perhaps you could establish a community boating
    program including a small fleet of fishing boats on the Hudson, out of
    the Roundabout area. This would keep the so called economically
    deprived out of the areas which are prohibitive and establish good
    will amongst both the locals and create responsible social activities
    for Kingston.

    Thanks again for a wonderful time in Kingston and just a thought for
    you to ponder….

    Best of luck,
    A family from Wellesley MA

  2. I make sure to make it to the Saint Patrick’s day parade every year in Kingston. It is so much fun running into old friends,grabbing a drink at the corner pubs and enjoying the music.
    I was very pleased to see how many people came out,and that there were so many involved this year. I was also surprised at how many ethnic groups were also involved and wore green with pride for their neighbors and friends.
    I was very disappointed this year however to see that the city’s officials were not wearing green. If you are going to walk through the city in the parade with pride why would you not completely get involved.


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