Support the Kingston Common Council on December 2nd.

The Kingston Common Council will discuss allocating $25,000 for their own municipal lawyer. 

On several occasions, the City of Kingston’s Corporation Council – hired to represent the City as a whole – has seemingly worked against the Kingston Common Council. Most recently regarding the Niagara Bottling Company and the City being included as an ‘Involved’ agency in SEQR.

Members of the Kingston Common Council have decided that it was in the publics best interest for a municipal lawyer to work specifically with the Council on matters when the Corporation Council does not cooperate.

With at least a year left under the current administration, it is unfortunate that the council is forced to go this route – but it’s important that they do. If you agree, please come to the Kingston Common Council meeting on Tuesday, December 2nd in support of their efforts.Kingston citizens, show your support with the Kingston Common Council allocating  $25,000 budget line in the 2014 budget to hire a separate municipal lawyer to represent our Common Council whenever deemed necessary. Public comment starts shortly after the meeting begins at 7:30pm. 

If you are not able to attend the meeting, please consider sending this letter or one of your own via email to:

SUBJECT: I support the Kingston Common Council Decision to Legal Representation.

ToJames Noble, Alderman-at-large
CCMatt Dunn, Majority Leader
Deb Brown, Minority Leader
Mayor Shayne Gallo

My name is xxx and I am a Kingston City Resident residing on xxxx.

I am writing in support of the Kingston Common Council placing $25,000 in the 2014 City Budget towards a municipal lawyer that specifically responds to the needs of the Council whenever they deem it necessary throughout the budgeted year.

Thank you.