Saving Important Programs In These Tough Times

We are hearing a great deal about the looming budget cuts coming to the city of Kingston.  As the city looks at what seems to be a four million dollar short fall in the 2010 budget, we need to look closely at how every dollar is being spent.

I’ve read many opinions as to where citizens and the city feel the budget should be cut. But nothing much on the services that citizens cherish that are in need of protection at this most vulnerable time.

I can think of a few. Our Public Library, the programming provided by our Environmental Educators, the work of Pat Johnson through the Parks and Rec department and the Everett Hodge Center.

What do you think? Feel free to comment here. Let’s also get something going in our Ward Yahoo! Groups. You can find yours on the main page of this blog, or visit I’ll work to compile your comments and provide them to the common council and the mayors office to consider this fall.


Rebecca Martin