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Co-Founder, Director, Editor
Rebecca Martin  Advisory Committee (in alphabetical order)
Jennifer Schwartz Berky (Policy and Planning)Debra Bresnan (Communications),
Rachel Marco-Havens (Chairperson),   Heather Schwegler (Chairperson),

The advisory committee serves to review policy and content of positions and campaigns.


Established in 2006, is a community-based organization committed to improving the quality of life of Kingston residents through accountability and transparency of local government. By providing citizens with timely and factual information, our work is meant to nurture citizen participation and empowerment through projects, education, and advocacy.

Want to get involved?
Contact Rebecca Martin at or call 845/750-7295






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    • We are currently hosting monthly meetings. Would you like to join us? Why don’t you give a call so we can connect and discuss what it is you are looking to do and we can plug you in. 845/750-7295

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