Uptown Snow Removal


City workers got to work on Wall Street early today, removing snow and ice that was piled high from two snowstorms.

Earlier this week several business owners complained out loud that the snow was eating up much of the parking, and making it difficult to park on Wall and North Front streets.

Pictured above is snow that was bulldozed in front of the courthouse before it was loaded onto dump trucks.

— Arthur Zaczkiewicz

Hoffay’s Updates on Pike Plan, Valet Parking

Last week as I was gathering insights on the Pike Plan, I had emailed alderman Tom Hoffay (Dem., Ward 2) to get him to weigh in on the topic. Tom emailed back to say he was busy and would reply later. Well, a busy week got ahead of Tom and he replied this morning with an update of not only the Pike Plan, but other topics on his ward as well.

Thank you!

— Arthur Zaczkiewicz

Tom’s email:

 I’ll give you a summary of the week, where four developments and the meetings and correspondence attendant to them, gobbled up the time.

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