Breaking the Chain, Part II

Kingston's new "Harmacy". Poetic justice, as recalled by Rebecca Martin
CVS. Photo by Nancy Graham.

By Arthur Zaczkiewicz

As we continue to slog through this recession (we’re in a double-dip one, according to some experts), there are a lot of actions citizens like you and me can do to help weather this downturn. As consumers (two thirds of our GDP is driven by consumer spending), we have a lot of power to change the economy – especially on a local level.

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Stop, Shop and Get to Know Launched

Whenever there’s been a discussion about our community and consumerism, the talk always evolves into the importance of shopping and buying local, and supporting local businesses.

It’s with this in mind, that presents an initiative, created by founder Rebecca Martin, titled: STOP, SHOP and GET TO KNOW. Supported by a website (see it here), the program puts a fresh face on the shop local trend with the inclusion of some fun facts about our local businesses. The first business profiled is Nekos-Dedricks Pharmacy, located on North Front Street.

Check out the website, and support our local businesses. They need us as much as we need them.