Coffee and Music

Karin Edmundson penned a nice article about our good friends at Monkey Joe Coffee Roasting Co. here in Kingston. The article, which can be read here, appears in the March issue of the Catskill Mountain Region Guide.

Monkey Joe co-owners Gabe and Kathy have some neat quotes in the story, which reminds us that they roast single-origin coffee. The story also ties in Gabe’s love of music and the couple’s mindfulness of being good citizens and stewards of the environment.

At one point in the story, Edmundson writes, “Some time later, a fellow came over and asked about help in selling his guitar and—just before I left—a slight young man in a navy pea coat and fashionable slacks entered the café, ordered his usual brew from the counter and measured out a bag of coffee beans. This somewhat dashing (for downtown Kingston) figure turned out to be a talented music producer who has worked with the likes of Daniel Lanois.”

Edmundson didn’t name the music producer, but by her description, it is no other than Ward 9 resident Malcolm Burn.