July 10th Public Hearing

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    To: Suzanne Cahill, City of Kingston Planning Office

    Subject: July 10th Public Hearing: Proposed Irish Cultural Center Project

    Dear Ms. Cahill,

    I have reviewed the recent updates to the Irish Cultural Center (ICC) proposed for Abeel Street on the Rondout in Kingston. Below are my concerns that I want to submit out ahead of the upcoming public hearing scheduled for July 10th. Please distribute my comments to the planning department and all planning board members for their consideration.

    1. To obtain visibility studies to address size and scale of issues.

    2. A professional analysis of shared parking on the Rondout, including known future development and cumulative effect, is needed.

    3. That the ICC be required to conduct further study to determine definitively whether blasting will be part of their construction prior to any site plan approval.

    4. That the implications of the rooftop HVAC units and the four proposed outdoor areas for noise disturbance on businesses on West Strand Street and Broadway, as well as on the neighboring family residences, be studied.

    5. That Company Hill Path not be paved, railed, and lit without fully assessing the implications of this development on a National Historic Register site and on the other property owners adjacent to the Path.

    6. That the City of Kingston Planning Board ensure that the Ulster County Planning Board required modifications not be over-ridden, but continue to be required.

    7. That the Kingston Planning Board refrain from making any decisions on the ICC at the same meeting as the public hearing. We ask that our comments be carefully weighed, and a later meeting should be announced with sufficient advance public notice where answers to questions can be shared and decisions or determinations can be made.

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