What I Saw, Did You Know? KingstonCitizens.org Wants To Hear From You.



By Rebecca Martin

Over the past couple of weeks, our readership has grown exponentially given the concern of the proposed Niagara Bottling Company project and the amount of information provided here.

With it, citizens have done an impressive job in learning more (and very quickly I might add)  to craft thoughtful speeches, ask insightful questions and to do it all with a pointed focus, grace and eloquence.

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Hey, Anonymous – Stand Behind Your Words

What’s up with the anonymous posts on blogs?

I frequent blogs with anonymous posters, and question their validity. The author of the blog could easily be one of those ‘anonymous’ voices. That’s not transparent. What’s more, is that it allows a person to say things that they certainly wouldn’t if their name were attached. How is that useful in moving any debate forward?

Request that your favorite blog who accepts anonymous posts move toward a member driven format.

– Rebecca Martin