VIDEO: Comprehensive Plan Zoning Sub-Committee Public Forum

On Thursday, September 28th at 6:00pm at City Hall, the first in a series of forums regarding the ongoing effort to update the City of Kingston’s zoning took place.


The theme for this month’s public forum was “Consolidation and Reformatting of Residential Districts and Bulk Standards.” A presentation on the topic took place to discuss the current code, why this topic is important and what has been discussed by the Zoning Sub-Committee so far regarding potential changes. Participants broke into smaller groups each facilitated by a city employee, where citizens in attendance provided comments and asked questions.

After watching the video, you can submit your questions or comments by sending an EMAIL to the City of Kingston’s planning office.  We recommend that you copy the Mayor of Kingston at and send yourself a copy for your records, too.


1 thought on “VIDEO: Comprehensive Plan Zoning Sub-Committee Public Forum”

  1. We have a new comprehensive plan called the 2025 Comprehensive. This new plan is very badly written, but it does have valuable goals as
    part of it; ones that are towards a sustainably vibrant and equitable city. The city is now working on zoning, in an effort to support the goals of this recently adopted comp. plan.

    The previous comprehensive plan, called the 1961 Comprehensive Plan, was put together to get Urban Renewal funding. The main goals of the 1961 Comprehensive Plan were to ease the flow of vehicular traffic and get rid of “blighting” mixed-use. Our current zoning still supports these goals, despite many small changes to the code over the years. I believe that what the comprehensive plan zoning committee has come up with, to replace our current zoning, will continue to support the goals of the 1961 comp. plan much more than the goals of our new 2025 comp. plan.

    Check out Congress for New Urbanism (their website and also the videos from their conferences on YouTube (CNU).


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