VIDEO: Town of Ulster Town Board Meeting 1/22/15

12:09 – 13:08    Rebecca Martin, Kingston NY
Has the ToU received the draft scoping document from The Chazen Companies and if not,  will the Town Board extend the projected publication date of the draft scoping document by Town Board resolution as protocol based on the SEQR TIMELINE initiated by the Town of Ulster as Lead Agency?

13:20 –  15:38   David Bruner, Kingston NY
“It Could very well be said that this water belongs to God, in whatever form he appears to you.”  VIEW speech text.

15:44 – 16:24     Jennifer Schwartz Berky, Kingston NY
Have you received any other communications from The Chazen Companies or Niagara outside of the draft scoping document?

16:27 – 17:25    Elizabeth Simonson, Lake Hill, NY
Knowing that you anticipated a copy of the draft scoping document today, has anyone from the Town Board or the Supervisor’s (Deputy) office contacted or had direct communication with Chazen about when they can expect to get a copy of the document?