VIDEO/AUDIO: Kingston Water Board and “The Same Boat”

By Rebecca Martin

Kingston Water Board Meeting
Wednesday, 1/14/15

:50 – 8:34
Resolution adopting organizational rules of Board of Water Commissioner Meetings
This is essentially  New York State Open Meetings Law.

8:42 – 14:35
Cooper Lake Dam Project

*The Kingston Water Board meeting was longer in length and we will share the remainder of the meeting shortly. Their phase 1B is especially important to hear.


Have a listen to “The Same Boat” hosted by Rachel Marco-Havens. With guests Rebecca Martin and Jennifer Schwartz Berky (, Kevin Smith (Woodstock Land Conservancy) and Aidan Ferris (SUNY Ulster Environmental Club).




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By Rebecca Martin

Since September of 2014, has been at the center of the proposed Niagara Bottling Project. Because of it, our efforts have helped to ‘shed’ light on a number of issues.

As a region, we’ve come to learn the need to be mindful of water – a very limited natural resource. Of aging infrastructure. Transparency and a lack of it.  The use of public funding – and most of all, to illustrate what is possible when citizens come to better understand their role and responsibility here and everywhere.

As we move into a whole new phase of this work, realizes that what is necessary now is the formation of a WATER COALITION that can be all inclusive and address issues for the long haul around our watershed.

We plan to continue our work as it specifically impacts our community, as should.

…and so, it is with great enthusiasm that anticipates the creation of a WATERSHED TASK FORCE by the WOODSTOCK LAND CONSERVANCY charged to identify the work of a future Water Coalition. The group will help to define all aspects of the sustained work and its partners (that will include citizens too) to protect our drinking and ground water and who can eventually develop a comprehensive water policy for our area.

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Please stay tuned as we share task force members and the Woodstock Land Conservancy’s plans. In the near future, we will pass the water work torch over to their capable hands. We couldn’t be more pleased.

Consider making a tax deductible donation to the Woodstock Land Conservancy to provide consultants, legal advice, staff and other items necessary to do this important watershed work.

DONATE  and find ‘Gifts of Honor’. Click on “In Honor of” and then “WATERSHED” in the “First Name” Category.

We look forward to continue to serve our community and the region while we segue. Stay with us.