Delivers Petition to Aimee Vargas, MHREDC and Governor Cuomo

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By Rebecca Martin

We wish to thank everyone for their swift support in signing the petition generated by a coalition of organizations that requests the Mid-Hudson Regional Economic Development Committee and Governor Cuomo not to fund the Niagara Water Bottling Facility at this time. 1553 signatures and still growing at this time!


We are currently printing out your comments and signatures to send off to Aimee Vargas and the MHREDC this evening as well as a hard copy that citizens will take with them TOMORROW when they are on-site in Albany during the announcement.

We will be certain to let you know the outcome as soon as that information is available to us.



2 thoughts on “ Delivers Petition to Aimee Vargas, MHREDC and Governor Cuomo”

  1. please take whatever steps necessary to protect our water supply, and in general, let all transactions be guided by science, by our knowledge of climate change and threats to the environment. Seek to support and energize new “alternative” and sustainable business.


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