VIDEO: Kingston Water Board Meeting 11/12/14

After today’s Water Board meeting, I would advise that the Town of Ulster – or anyone else for that matter – to stop stating that the City of Kingston’s Water Department will benefit from the sale of water to Niagara until there are estimated budgets and science in place to be absolutely sure.

Special thanks to Clark Richters of Kingston News for capturing today’s meeting.



By Rebecca Martin


13:51 – Phase  1B 

14:50 – Sandy Mitigation Loan

20:55 – Phase II Flood Mitiation

34:15 – Jennifer Schwartz Berky,

35:00 – Water Board Providing Documents

35:30 – “Infrastructure from Cooper Lake to Tech City has of late been delivering a fraction of the Water compared to when IBM was in operation. What infrastructure work would be necessary both immediately and incrementally for the delivery of 1 million GPD to the proposed Niagara Bottling facility, and who would be responsible for those updates and upkeep?”

Kingston Water Board: “There isn’t any.” (documentation).

37:47 – “New infrastructure would be necessary for an additional main to bring 750,000 GPD to Tch City for a future expansion of the proposed Niagara Bottling Company. where would the new pipeline begin and end, and who would be responsible for the costs and upkeep of the pipeline?”

Kingston Water Board “We are still in Negotiations.”
The expected final report from the Engineering firm hired by the Kingston Water Board was not delivered. Although they used the draft to issue a ‘will serve’ letter to Niagara.

38:55 – Has the Water Board and City of Kingston been in contact regarding a collaboration to bond infrastructure needs?

Kingston Water Board: “No.”
Jennifer Schwartz Berky “But why not?”
Kingston Water Board: “You asked if we have been in discussions and there haven’t been. Why? I don’t know.”

39:29 – Does the City of Kingston have a role to play as involved agency given that improvements to the infrastructure might be necessary?

Jennifer Schwartz Berky – “Do you expect to have a conversation with the Common Council as to their role?”
Kingston Water Board – “I don’t believe they do. The answer is no.”
41:12 – Rebecca Martin, clarifies the Kingston City Charter

42:20 – “Has the Water Board created an estimated budget to show the projected earnings from a water sale to Niagara? Over the course of how many years would the infrastructure costs be paid for and at what point would the resident users water bill go down. How much for how long?

Kingston Water Board: “That’s impossible to say right now.”
Jennifer Schwartz Berky: “If you established a ‘will serve’ can you calculate?”
Kingston Water Board: “The rate has yet to be established.”

44:42 – Bill Cloonan “It’s Speculation”

45:38 – “We noticed that all of the members of the water board have served far beyond the five year term state in the charter, there president of the Water Board having served since 1981. Can you help us to understand where in the charter there is language that allows reappointments and no term limits?”

Kingston Water Board: “No we can’t.”
Jennifer Schwartz Berky: “Are you aware of the public officers law in NY State?”
Bill Cloonan: “Yes.”
Jennifer Schwartz Berky: “Can you explain that to us?”
Bill Cloonan: “No. But if you retain me, I’d be happy to.”

46:43 – “We are doing historical research on the cost of infrastructure over time that the public has paid for infrastructure. Is that something we can request from your office?”

3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Kingston Water Board Meeting 11/12/14”

  1. Thank you SO MUCH for all your hard work and for STAYING ON this issue.

    I want to be of help–can you let us know what we can do? I will do my best to spread the word…

    Forgive me if this has already been done: One thing that could be helpful would be to create one virtual calendar where interested parties could be kept apprised of next and upcoming meetings at Kingston Water Board, Kingston City Council, Kingston Climate Action Committee, Town of Ulster meetings: general, planning board, etc…..I don’t know if facebook is the best place, or if has a “calendar” feature, or if a specific free blog should be created on this particular issue with a calendar…? If this HAS already been done, please point me to it. If this has not been done, I would like to try to be helpful. I’d be willing to contribute to the calendars maintenance. I know several people who would like to plan to be at as many related public meetings as possible, if only they knew what was going on when.

    I am very impressed with the work you’re doing, Rebecca and Jennifer and so many others I’ve seen at various meetings with GREAT comments. I’m moved to see citizens STEPPING UP for what we believe in. We need more of this. Kudos and thank you again.


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