What I Saw, Did You Know? KingstonCitizens.org Wants To Hear From You.



By Rebecca Martin

Over the past couple of weeks, our readership has grown exponentially given the concern of the proposed Niagara Bottling Company project and the amount of information provided here.

With it, citizens have done an impressive job in learning more (and very quickly I might add)  to craft thoughtful speeches, ask insightful questions and to do it all with a pointed focus, grace and eloquence.

I have received hundreds of emails from citizens during this time period who wish to share their experience or to relay important information on the proposed water sale.

It’s completely inspiring, but has been somewhat of a puzzle to figure out the best way to relay the many points of view of the public for the public.

KingstonCitizens.org introduces  “What I Saw, Did You Know?”   It’s a place where citizens can share their experience and relay recently acquired knowledge for others to benefit.

Here’s how it works:

1. CATEGORY: For now, our category is the proposed Niagara Bottling Company Project.

2. WHAT I SAW: Write one page on a meeting you attended, a visit to a site, an article you read, a conversation with an elected official or citizen (it can also include what you heard). Keep it clean and above the belt (if you can).

3. REPORT: What one new thing did you learn that you’d like to share with the public. Please provide links in your piece as back up to your research.

4. WHO ARE YOU?:  Imagine a world where anonymous was no more?  I would really love if you’d tell us who you are, your city/town and email address. That way, you can be contacted by another citizen who might wish to connect. I totally understand if you’d rather not. In that case, please share your city/town and email address.

5. SUBMIT: to rebecca@kingstoncitizens.org   I’m starting a whole new section and will post for readers.


It takes a village as they say.  Help me in expanding our knowledge on all of the implications of the proposed Niagara Bottling Company project.


2 thoughts on “What I Saw, Did You Know? KingstonCitizens.org Wants To Hear From You.”

  1. Thank you, Rebecca Martin. Very grateful for the eloquence and intelligence of the voices defending the watershed of Cooper Lake from a take over by a giant plastic bottling corporation hell bent on profiting from the pollution and destruction of eco systems. The argument that this is an economically beneficial idea is tragically short sighted. There are safer ways to build local economies. We must protect our water.

  2. We also must articulate those “safer ways to build local economies.” Unfortunately we don’t have the hundreds of thousands of dollars to outline and implement 21st century strategies that the Regional Economic Development Councils have to spend on pursuing the old business-as-usual 20th-Century strategies. Still, until we make a comprehensive, sustainable economic development plan for our communities and the Valley as a whole, and begin to challenge the REDCs for the CFA $$ with our own projects, we will be constantly faced with similar assaults from national and international corporations who know a better-than-good deal when they see it.


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