VIDEO: Kingston Common Council General Government / Public Safety Meeting 10/22/14

By Rebecca Martin

The Town of Ulster Planning Board from 10/21/14. Special thanks to Clark Richters of Kingston News for capturing the evening.

Starts at: 0:43 – 14:47
Julie Noble, Chair of the Kingston Conservation Advisory Council presents recommendation for the DEC to be lead agency of the Niagara Bottling Company SEQR.

Watch the entire thing to watch the memorializing resolutions be read and passed on to council.
1: The DEC to assume Lead Agency for the Proposed Niagara Bottling Company  SEQR
2: For the City of Kingston to be changed to “Involved Agency”.

The entire video.  WATCH THIS!
A very interesting presentation regarding asset management. What is revealed here is that the City of Kingston does not have a cohesive strategy to manage its infrastructure. Throughout, elected and appointed officials were called ‘Stewards’ of our infrastructure.  Key word. STEWARDS.

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