SEQR: Interested vs. Involved Agencies



By Rebecca Martin

Last night the Town of Ulster Town Board expanded both their ‘Involved’ and ‘Interested’ Agency list on a “Revised Resolution on Notice of Intent to Declare Lead Agency” (see pages 38 – 44) for the Niagara Bottling Facility project.

We are disappointed that involved parties don’t also include the Town of Woodstock, City of Kingston and Town of Esopus.


Involved Agencies are:
Town of Ulster Town Board (Site Plan Approval)
Zoning Board of Appeals (Variance to Reduce the number of off-street parking spaces)
Ulster County Department of Health (Water)
Ulster County Department of Public Works Highway & Bridges Division (Highway Permit Work)
City of Kingston Water Board (Water supply)
US Army Corps of Engineers (Nationwide Permit)
NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, Region 3 (Sanitary/Storm Water)
NYS Department of Health (Water)
Town of Ulster Sewer Department
Town of Ulster Water Department
Town of Ulster Highway Department
NYC Department of Environmental Protection
Ulster County Industrial Development Agency (IDA)

Interested Agencies are:
Town of Ulster Planning Board (Advisory recommendation to the Town Board)
Ulster County Planning Board (Advisory recommendation pursuant to NYSGML Section 239 1 & m)
Ulster County Community College (Start Up NY Program Office)
Town of Woodstock
NYS Department of Agriculture & Markets
City of Kingston
Town of Saugerties
Village of Saugerties
Town of Esopus
Town of Kingston














In SEQR (State Environmental Quality Review Act)

Involved Agency
An ‘Involved Agency’ for SEQR is involved when “the determination is made that the agency has or will have a discretionary decision to make regarding some aspect of the action.” Depending on how an agency first becomes involved in an action, initial responsibilities will vary.

Interested Agency
An ‘Interested Agency’ has about as much authority as the public, however – to be listed as an interested agency (as defined in 617.2 (c) to mean ‘a state or local agency. However, private organizations, interest groups and individuals all have an ability to participate in the SEQR process”.

READ the link to learn more about interested agencies, and particularly point #6 which lists “When and how may the general public begin to participate in review of specific action under SEQR” and #7 “How can interested parties who are not involved agencies be most effective in presenting their concerns about a proposed action?”


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