It’s Our Water: Good Work! Standing Room Only at the Kingston Common Council Meeting 10/7/14


By Rebecca Martin

Great work, everyone. Thanks for showing up and testifying this evening. Your support made the start to this campaign a successful one.

Special thanks to Kingston’s Common Council, who really were as surprised as all of us regarding the proposed water sale to Niagara Bottling Company.  A big thanks to Alex Beauchamp of Food and Water Watch. It’s great to have your support. Wasn’t it  fantastic to have the jazz musicians Jack DeJohnette and Larry Grenadier with us this evening? Did you guys catch that?

Thanks to  Clark Richters of Kingston News for capturing the entire evening. Video of tonight’s meeting will be available shortly.

Our next steps over the next two weeks are two upcoming meetings where we ask residents to be present to witness. Public comment may or may not occur – but our presence will say plenty.  They are:

Kingston Water Board
Wednesday, 10/8/14
Kingston Water Department
111 Jansen Avenue

Kingston Conservation Advisory Council
Tuesday, 10/14/14
Council Chambers


There will no doubt be more to do – and I will be in touch. We’ll get there.









3 thoughts on “It’s Our Water: Good Work! Standing Room Only at the Kingston Common Council Meeting 10/7/14”

  1. It’s vital to protect Cooper Lake. How this foolish business proposal got this far is beyond me. Draining the Lake for private profit is an outrage. The selling and buying of bottled water is one of the worlds greatest scams. It sells something that we have, for free in abundance. Bottled water contributes to climate change, and is one less opportunity for people to rely on their own community.

  2. It was GREAT to see so many residents and citizens show up to last night’s Common Council meeting and have their voices heard. Let’s keep it up!


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