AUDIO: Niagara Bottling Co. Proposal Presentation for the Town of Ulster

The following is Audio from both the Town of Ulster Planning Board meeting on 9/16/14 and the Town Board meeting on 9/18/14.

LISTEN:  STARTS AT 1:15:26. Town of Ulster Planning Board Meeting 9/16/14. Peter Romano of ‘The Chazen Group” representing Niagara Bottling Co.’s proposal.   “First concept submission”

1:37:30 – On Water. Town of Ulster and City of Kingston (“…complicated agreement.”)

LISTEN:  STARTS AT 16:30. Town of Ulster Town Board 9/18/14. Peter Romano of “The Chazen Group” giving a brief presentation of the Niagara Bottling Co. proposal to the Town Board. This is prior to their passing a resolution that evening “Declaring Town of Ulster’s Notice of Intent to be Lead Agency for Coordinated SEQR Review for the Niagara Water Bottling facility, SBL 48.7-1-29.2″. 


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