Special Notice: Educate NY Now Schedules Bus Pick-Up to Albany From Kingston, NY December 5th.

Educate Now! Kingston Bus Pick-Up Flyer

Bus tour Itinerary subject to change

scroll project- A dream deferred is a dream denied


WHO: Parents, students, teachers, administrators, school board members, and community members

WHAT: A 3’ x 6’ scroll, created by each district which is participating, highlighting what educational opportunities districts have been forced to cut due to reduced state aid for education in New York.
The theme for these scrolls is “A dream deferred is a dream denied”. All scrolls should have the name of the district, school, or organization displayed.
Participants should be creative in creating a scroll to bring to Albany. Using student artwork, essays, or any other appropriate creative idea, create a design that is unique for your school! If you can’t make it to a bus stop, but would like to submit a scroll, please contact a NYS United Teachers regional office near you. To find the nearest regional office check this link. http://www.nysut.org/about_offices.htm

WHEN: On December 5, 2012, In every corner of the state, school buses representing thousands of students from rural, suburban, and urban schools will journey to Albany demanding that The governor and the legislature provide each student a sound, basic education that is guaranteed by the New York State Constitution.

WHERE: From your local school district to the Capitol in Albany, Educate NY Now endorsers will hold local press events in various locations along the way to Albany. At each event, local districts will load their scroll and any participants on the bus. In Albany, the scrolls will be joined together and presented to our elected officials

WHY: In the past few budgets, there have been $2.7 billion in cuts made to state education aid. At the same time, the State has enacted a limit on state aid and the property tax cap. These two state policies combined ensure that our schools will be made to cut from their already devastated programs year in and year out. We must demand that the Governor and the legislature comply with the state Constitution that they swore to uphold, and provide a Sound, Basic Education to all children in New York state regardless of zip code!!

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  1. it would be informative to see the scrolls as they happen? I’m not aware of what’s been cut from the schools and I would like to be…


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