Kingston, NY Neighborhood Watch Group Ups the Ante.

By Rebecca Martin

Since February of 2010, Michael and Claudia D’Arcy have provided a resource for the entire Kingston community by developing a citywide Neighborhood Watch Group. The two of them as dynamic leaders have helped to support the City of Kingston by putting a face on resident safety with social media, blogs, searches, events….and busts.

Putting a face on resident safety you ask?  Indeed. In some cases, it helps to make it all the more real and immediate for the residents that it serves and here is an instance where this is truly the case.  The D’Arcy’s have come to this work organically by turning a tragedy into something productive and good and the city of Kingston is better for it.

After over a little more than a year of hitting it hard and using their own resources to do so, they are now looking to turn our citywide Neighborhood Watch Group into a 501c3. In doing so, it will allow for grant opportunities and donations for more grass root initiatives to help secure Kingston’s safety.

Help them to help us by making a contribution to OUR cause – and thanks you two for your dedication and service.

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