UPDATE: IMPORTANT information on the gas leak in Kingston

Kingston Citizens –

I just got off the phone with Central Hudson and all home owners in the effected area MUST BE HOME FOR CENTRAL HUDSON TO GET IN TO TURN OFF THEIR GAS LINE. Newer constructions have meters on the outside of their homes – but older homes have meters in their basements.

If they are not able to get into one home THE PROCESS IS DELAYED. Please wait if you can, or call Central Hudson to give them a contact number at 800/527-2714.

Apparently, this very thing happened in Montgomery last month with 600 homes effected. It took over two days to complete the process. In Kingston, approximately 1100 homes are effected.   Let’s cooperate to make this move forward as swiftly as possible.

As mentioned in the last post, there is a warming shelter at the Midtown Rec Center.


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